Online Roulette

When it comes to classic casino games that can now be played online from the comfort of your own home, the fun-filled game of Roulette comes quickly to mind. This timeless classic is exciting, has some simple rules and offers multiple opportunities to win real money!

Better yet, with over 150 different versions for you to choose from, there is an almost endless variety for you to choose from – and of course – in today’s technologically-advanced times, you can play 24 hours and day, seven days a week!

A Brief History of Roulette

The game of Roulette originated in the early 17th century in France thanks to a math student named Blaise Pascal. ‘Roulette’ translates as ‘Little Wheel’, describing the layout and mechanics of the game. The first wheel was numbered from 1-36 with a single zero, but it looked very different to the ones we use today, with numbered pockets for the ball bearing to land in rather than sleek numbered slots. Due to its increasing popularity, the game underwent several changes to improve players’ chances to win. Instead of pockets, the wheel was redesigned with slots and a double zero was also added. By the time the 20th century rolled around Roulette’s popularity had increased tenfold to make it one of the most favorite casino games of all time.

Now, in today’s technologically-advanced times, Roulette has increased in popularity and variety even more! In addition to traditional roulette, there are widely popular versions like Mini Roulette, Roulette Pro and Premium French Roulette. Today’s players can also win more than ever thanks to progressive jackpots that give players the opportunity to win insanely large amounts. Of course, with roulette now being one of the most popular online games, players can play anywhere, whether they’re sitting in the comfort of their own homes, on a bus or maybe a transcontinental flight!

Rules to Play Online Roulette

The rules for roulette are so simple that a young child could figure it out in a mere matter of minutes! The object of the game is to either pick a number or color and have the ball on the game’s spinning wheel end up on either the number or color you picked.

First, place your bets on the ‘table’ on your screen. All available bets are easily displayed on the screen by our software and highlighted once you make your selections. Simply click on the chip amount you wish to wager, then click on the area of the table you want to wager on whether it’s a number or color. If you make a mistake, don’t worry You can correct it by hitting clear to start anew. Remember, each click adds one chip of the denomination you choose. When you’re finished placing your wagers, hit the Spin button. The wheel will turn and once it stops, you’ll know whether you’ve won or not with the game’s software highlighting any winning wager and paying out all winning wagers directly to your bankroll.

Strategy and Tips to Play Online Roulette

While roulette has fewer ‘tips’ than other more strategical games, there are a few tips that can help you increase, both the ‘fun’ you’ll have and chances of being successful.

  • Rules Rule: As with any game, you need to know the rules before you just start haphazardly laying down your hard-earned bucks. With online roulette, there are a bunch of different types of bets you can make and many multiple wagers you can make on the same spin. Know your rules before you start playing and you’ll have more fun and a better chance of winning.
  • Manage Your Bankroll: I mean, hey, unless you’re super-rich, (really?) you need to manage your betting bankroll. This means having a plan in place on how much – and how often – you’re going to wager. Manage your bankroll – or else it can manage you! One age-old way to do this is to keep each wager low, so you can make more wagers.
  • Choose The Right Bonus: Online bonuses are widely popular in today’s Internet-betting times and there is a variety of them to choose from. There are reload bonuses, match bonuses and our current 150% Welcome Bonus available to new players. Make sure you read our terms and conditions of when and how you can use each bonus by clicking here.

Game Buttons Information

This overview is designed to help you understand what they are for, so you can go to the wheel informed and ready to play.

    • Clear Bets: Stay calm! If you’ve made a mistake while placing your bets, click this button before the wheel is set in motion. It will clear your bets so you can start over again and place your chips exactly where you want to!
    • Play For Real Money: Playing for a fee is fun, but is there anything better than winning real cash? I think not! If you want to win some cold hard dollar, dollar bills, Click this button to play for real cash.
    • Rebet: Click this button to duplicate the last bets that you made, at the same amount. Better yet, you can review the bet before you spin if you’d like to change your mind. Hit the Spin button to set the wheel in motion.
    • Spin: Click this button to start wheel spinning.

Look at the top right corner of your screen for more game options and settings like checking your game history or adjusting general, audio and games settings. You can also learn all about the rules of the game under the ‘Help’ option.


Here’s a list of common online Roulette terms that will provide you with the basics for your game.

  • Color: This is when you simply place a wager on black or red to win an even money payout.
  • Column bet: This is when you place a wager on a line or ‘column’ of numbers by placing your chips at the far end of the betting table. The numbers included in this bet are easily seen on the display screen. The payout is 2:1.
  • Corner: This fun-filled bet allows you to bet on four numbers; place your chip in the center corner of the four numbers you want to bet on. The payout is a whopping 8-1.
  • Dozen bet: You can bet on a whopping 12 numbers with this wager. There’s a 2-1 payout if the wheel stops on any one of those numbers.
  • High/low: You can place a wager on either half of the numbers from 1-18 or 19-36 – for even money.
  • Line bet: This wager allows you to bet on any six numbers you like, (two rows of three on the board) and offers a 5:1 payout.
  • Odds/even: With this fun-filled wager, you can simply place a wager on an odd or even number for an even money payout.
  • Split bet: This bet allows you to wager on two numbers at the same time. Simply place your chip on the centerline of your two chosen numbers for a chance at a value-packed 17-1 payout.
  • Straight bet: This is the biggest paying bet in the game. Pick a single number and if your ‘powers of prediction’ are true to form, then you’re looking at a stunning 35-1 payout.
  • Street bet: If you think you’ve got ‘street smarts’, then place a bet on any three numbers in a horizontal line for a chance at an 11-1 payout.
  • Triple: This is pretty much identical to the street bet, with an 11:1 payout. But instead of betting horizontal, you bet across three numbers.

How to Open an Account at MyBCasino Live Casino

In order to create an account, click on the Play for Real Money button and hit the Create Account button. Next, complete the webform that you see on your screen by providing the requested details. This information is required for security and identification purposes that are essential for your account to be activated. Read the terms and conditions, click the Agree box, and hit create to activate your account.

The only step left is to make a deposit to fund your bankroll. To make your deposit, log in and go to the Cashier. Select the deposit method that works for you and then click on it. Specify how much money you want to deposit into your account and then follow the on-screen instructions from your chosen provider. When the transaction is complete and the money shows in your account, you can play for real money.

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